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Alternative Transportation Company LTD was founded in 2007. During its operation, our company has established itself as a stable and reliable partner whom you can trust in transportation of different by their specific character goods.

Our fleet consists of wide variety 1520 mm rail gauge wagons configured to transport dry bulk and packed products, as well as liquids and other specialized commodities: open-top wagons/semi-wagons, covered wagons, specialized platforms for container transport, universal platforms, tank-wagons, seed and cement carrier wagons (hoppers).

The actively operating network of the company representatives allows the delivery of the goods 24 hours a day, independently from the quantity and volume. Individual approach to each customer and large resources of the company allow the providing to our customers a quality service which is necessary for a stable business.

We appreciate each of our partners therefore responsibility and competence, honesty and openness, effectiveness and responsiveness are the key objectives of our work. We try to alleviate the problem of transportation and look for the most profitable ways of cooperation for each client separately as well as provide professional advice on filling in the transport documents. We work with systems АС «Mesplan», ARM consigner / consignee.

We constantly develop and implement new technologies in our work, attracting new partners and expanding the geography of our transport departments.


Export-Import transportation

We will help you, provide, perform:

  • a calculation of the most appropriate option of goods delivery;
  • selection of the proper rolling stock;
  • registration, filling, adjustment of transportation plans;
  • filling in transport documents;
  • development and coordination of loading and lashing schemes.
Carrying out technical training and consultation of the consigners, organization of cargo transshipment from 1435 mm rail gauge wagons into 1520 mm rail gauge wagons and vice versa. The functions as cargo agent by the following scheme: consignor / consignee.

Transit transportation

Alternative Transportation Company LTD has a contract with partners to organize transit transportation via Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic.

Grain grops

Alternative Transportation Company LTD aims to be a unified company operating in all sectors of logistics.

We will carry out full range of services transportation of grain crops:
  • providing the necessary amount of seed carrier wagons (hoppers),
  • screening and delivery of grain samples for veterinary and quarantine laboratory studies,
  • legalize transportation documents, act as the consigner, help with expert opinions.

Sea transportation

Alternative Transportation Company LTD has good contacts with different shipping lines. This gives us good position to provide competitive rates and alternatives. Our highly professional staff will review your applications as soon as possible. For transportation of large-size, heavy and oversized cargo, we will work out alternative shipping options by sea.

Special freights

Our company has experience in transportation of nuclear materials, radioactive substances, and products made of such substances- by various modes of transport.

Wagon-repair service

Within the framework the contractual relationship with car-repair enterprises, our company has the opportunity to perform the following types of repairs on the territory of European Union countries.

Cargo insurance

The security of your cargo is another obligatory condition of our cooperation with you. In the complex of logistics services our company offers the cargo insurance services.



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